About Me

Ever since I was a kid, I was all things technical.  My first year of college is when I took my first Web Design class.  I have been working with WordPress ever since.  Graduated with a Bachelor’s in Information in Technology and a Master Degree in computer science in 2016.  Out of school, I landed a Project Management job.  There I picked up a ton of Project Management skills, which till this day helps me in my everyday work.  After a little over a year, I got hired as a Web Specialist and was able to strengthen my Web Development skills, specifically Drupal.

As a newly graduated Web Developer, my skills are strong.  I am Front-End dominate, which exposure to Back-end.  My top skills: HTML, CSS. JS, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Drupal.

In my years, I have worked on a multitude of web-based projects for a range of clients, providing Web Design and Development, eCommerce Solutions, Branding and Graphic Design.

I am currently employed, but I am available for freelance work on the side.